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Irvine, CA 92620
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About Us

Northwood Animal Hospital would like to take this opportunity to welcome you, your family, and your special family member to our website.  As you continue to browse and explore our website, it is our hope that you will learn more about our dedication to your family and the quality veterinary medicine and service we provide. 

Our goal here at Northwood Animal Hospital has always been to assemble a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care.  The Northwood Animal Hospital team displays an unrivaled commitment to our clients through continuing education, technological advances in veterinary medicine and service, and most importantly, administering genuine, compassionate care to all pets entrusted to us.

Types of Pets Seen

We are experienced in caring for many types of pets:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits*
  • Ferrets*
  • Pocket Pets*
  • Reptiles*
  • Birds*
  • Wildlife*

*Select veterinarians only. Call us for more information

Why A Pelican? 

Many people have asked how a pelican came to be the logo of the hospital. If you've been to the hospital you have no doubt noticed all of the various framed pelican prints and other pelican art that decorate the hospital, as well as the pelican logo on all of our business stationary and business cards. Well, Dr. Gayle Roberts has worked with much wildlife, including that at Lion Country Safari both as a veterinary assistant in 1975 and later as a Park Veterinarian 1981 to 1982. However, it was working with the pelicans of Dana Point in 1983 after so many of them suffered life-threatening injuries by having their beaks cut off by an assailant, that really touched her. She also received two awards for her work with the pelicans; the Lorne Greene New Wilderness Award and the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce Humanitarian Award, both in 1983.

Since that time, Dr. Roberts has acquired quite a collection of pelicans. She's got everything from prints to beany babies to windchimes to statues, to music boxes to, well, just about anything. Just ask any staff member who struggles at Christmas time each year to find her a pelican that she doesn't already have!

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